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Virtual and Informal Peer Support Network for Dermatologists 

Dermatologists are being invited to join an informal peer-support network, funded by the BAD and Psychodermatology UK, to help cope with specific issues and the demands that may affect healthcare workers within the NHS during the current Covid-19 pandemic. Pandemics produce extraordinary strains on resilience with evidence from previous outbreaks showing that healthcare workers suffer from poor mental health and well-being if inadequately supported.

Dermatologists may struggle with speciality-specific issues during the current pandemic. Anecdotal issues noted from colleagues include managing a substantial virtual workload whilst balancing other conflicting commitments; concerns about needing to shield themselves or family members; and feeling disconnected from peers due to increased virtual working arrangements.

It has prompted the formation of the informal support network, using a well-established ‘action learning set’ model, to offer a confidential, virtual environment in which dermatologists can come together to share experiences and find practical ways to address the “real life” challenges being faced.

Each learning set will comprise seven BAD/Psychodermatology UK members (from different hospitals/Trusts) and a facilitator. The set will meet virtually 4-6 weekly for 30 to 40 minutes over a 10-month period (either on Thursday afternoons or agreed times within each set). The first learning set will commence during the week of 21st September 2020.

For further information, and to express an interest, please contact Elise Kleyn, (Consultant Dermatologist, Network Lead) on Elise.kleyn@manchester.ac.uk or Clare Wild, (Facilitator Lead) on clare.wild@nhs.net.



Psychodermatology Annual Meeting 

Governors Hall St Thomas Hospital


Thursday 23rd January 2020


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