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About Psychodermatology UK

We are a sub-specialty group of the British Association of Dermatologist



The purpose of this group is to raise awareness of the psychosocial impact of skin disease and to promote multi-disciplinary management between dermatologists, psychiatrists and psychologists.


Our Aims:

  • Improve national awareness of Psychodermatology within the general public, politicians, patient  groups, GPs, Dermatologists, Psychiatrists, Psychologists and allied health professionals

  • Improve education and training in Psychodermatology

  • Promote research and evidence-based practice

  • Collect and disseminate relevant Psychodermatology information

  • Provide post-graduate education in Psychodermatology management


The Executive Committee meets on a regular basis.

Psychodermatology UK runs an annual meeting in January and a Specialist Interest Group session at that BAD.

There is an annual training weekend for Specialty Registrars and a training weekend is planned for Consultants.

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