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Solihull Hospital

An integrated multidisciplinary psychodermatology service was established at Solihull Hospital in December 2012 by Dr Jon Goulding, Consultant Dermatologist, in conjunction with Dr Kate Martin, Consultant Clinical Psychologist.


The service has gone from strength to strength ever since, with increasing referrals and an expanding multidisciplinary team. Patients are initially assessed in a joint consultation with a consultant dermatologist and a clinical psychologist, after which an individualised management plan is agreed upon.


We offer telephone, video and face-to-face consultations. We offer tailored in-house psychological therapy for those who would benefit. We work closely with Dr Dhruba Bagchi, Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist, who runs a monthly clinic in parallel, within the Dermatology Department. We welcome referrals direct from primary care, and from other hospital specialists, both within and without the West Midlands.


Our team currently comprises the following:

  • Dr Jon Goulding, Consultant Dermatologist

  • Dr Dhruba Bagchi, Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist

  • Dr Jodie Fellows, Consultant Clinical Psychologist

  • Dr Natasha Harper, Consultant Dermatologist

  • Mrs Katherine Organ, Medical Secretary.

Dr Jon Goulding

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