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Royal Free Hospital

Our team consists of clinicians from various backgrounds, including psychologists, dermatologists and dermatology nurses. 

Lead psychologist

Dr Alexandra Mizara


Lead consultant dermatologists

Dr Sandy McBride and Dr Mark Griffiths


Psoriasis nurse and phototherapists

Eileen Danaher and Sanda Bushell


Biologics nurse

Annie Waite


Clinical nurse specialist

Rosalyn Eldridge


We are also supported by a team of clinical, counselling and health psychologists in training and a team of Health Care Assistants.


Your dermatologist or specialist dermatology nurse can refer you to our team. You will be assessed within four weeks, but may then have to wait to start a course of treatment. Once the psychodermatology service has received a referral letter from your dermatologist or dermatology nurse, we will telephone you to offer an appointment.

More details are available on our website.


You can contact the service during office hours:

Dr Alexandra Mizara

Direct dial: 0207 830 2376

Via Switchboard (0207 794 0500) Ext: 38134/33508

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